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Thoughts on 2010 FIFA World Cup: H.E. Walter Stechel, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany

What is your message to the football team and what are your views on South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup?

Despite having to deal with recent tragedies and unexpected injuries, I know the German team will unite and play to their fullest potential. I wish the team the best of success and join in with fans from across the globe who will cheer them on.

Similar to when Germany had the opportunity to showcase itself  to the world in 2006, I am sure that visitors will experience and explore the magnificence of  South Africa like never before.

How far do you think your team will advance?

Going by the “laws of nature“ in terms of Germany’s recent performances: 2006 FIFA World Cup – 3rd place, 2008 European Championship – 2nd Place, we should become World Cup Champions in 2010!

Who according to you are the top 3 favourite teams to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?

Italy, as defending champions, should not be underestimated. Brazil is always counted among the favourites. And of course, Germany! One should not forget, however, the home-advantage for the participating African teams.

Who is your  favourite to win the “Golden Boot” award?

Either Lionel Messi or Arjen Robben, who had a fantastic season with Bayern Munich FC –  and keep an eye on Stefan Kiessling!