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The Magic of Rovos Rail

On March 6th, 2010, India’s newest and costliest luxury train: the Maharajas’ Express embarked on its first ever run.

As luxury travel becomes more varied, exotic and satisfying than ever – let’s have a look at Rovos Rail – the most luxurious train in the world!

Here’s a video on Rovos rail:

Did you notice the suites inside the train?

Here are some more interesting facts about Rovos Rail:

* It has the most spacious suites in the world.

* One of the carriages of Rovos Rail was constructed in 1911 and then shipped to South Africa from Europe!

* Rovos Rail is called “Rovos” rail after its founder ROhan VOS who started it in 1989.

* All the engines acquired for Rovos Rail have been named after the Vos children – Brenda, Bianca, Tiffany and Shaun.

* Rovos Rail won the World Travel Award for being the “World’s Leading Luxury Train.” in 2008. It has won it 4 times and been nominated 6 times.

Interesting, isn’t it. :)

What if you actually wanted to travel by Rovos rail AND explore South Africa? Well, you can definitely have a look at our Rovos Rail packages here.

One package that I love is an 8 Nights/ 9 Days package where you traverse from Pretoria to Durban and back and stop at every attraction on the way. Go for a game drive in Kruger national Park, one of the world’s best Wildlife Parks, watch the Big 5, shop in modern Durban, take a South African Battlefield’s tour, and let go at Sun City – Africa’s Kingdom of pleasure. And  do this as you travel from one place to another by Rovos Rail. I haven’t taken this tour yet, but you know what, I would love to, some day soon….

Here’s a picture of Rovos Rail, by the way:

rovos rail

Until next time, ‘bye’ from Namaste South Africa, OT’s South Africa wing. :)