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Thoughts on the 2010 FIFA World Cup: H.E. Giampaolo Cutillo, Consul General of Italy

What is your message to the football team and what are your views on South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup?

I wish that football always remains a universal instrument that helps to promote world peace and offers the opportunity to foster international competition and brotherhood and thereby a more united world. We wish South Africa the very best in its endeavour to promote economic growth and its image as host country around the world.

How far do you think your team will advance?

Italy is the defending World Cup Champion and will be under additional pressure to perform well. Although it is difficult to make history repeat itself, it would be wrong to undermine Italy’s chances in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Italy is one of the traditional powers and often performs best when it really matters (the only country, except for Brazil, to win the World Cup at least four times) and will definitely be counted among the favourites.

Who according to you are the top 3 favourite teams to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?

Argentina, Brazil and Italy.

Who is your  favourite to win the “Golden Boot” award?

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.