TURKEY- A Holiday For All Ages

When the Founder of Namaste Turkey (www.namasteturkey.com) decided to launch his enterprise, he wanted to personally make sure that Turkey could offer an unforgettable holiday regardless of age or budget. What better way to experience the unmatched hospitality of Turkey than with his family, whose ages range from 7 to 75 years.

In Istanbul, you can experienced the traditions of a Turkish bellydance, the serenity of Prince’s Island and the excitement of a premier football match.

Kids can enjoy the largest aquapark in Europe at Kusadasi.  The awe-inspiring natural wonders of Pamukkale will take everyone’s breath away.

The resort town of Bodrum is the perfect getaway.  The fresh air, crystal clear water and the abundance of activities make it a great addition to your holiday.

Interested in a Turkey holiday? Contact the Turkey experts at info@compacttravels.com or read more about Turkey travel experiences at www.namasteturkey.com

Your Indian Connection to Turkey

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