Thoughts on the 2010 FIFA World Cup: H.E. Fausto Godoy, Consul General of Brazil

What is your message to the football team and what are your views on South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup?

My message to the team is the same that all Brazilians would propose: play fair, do your best, honour the sport of football and thrill the approximately 200 million Brazilians who will put all their hearts into this World Cup.

As for South Africa hosting the event, it is high time that the African continent comes into the limelight of sports. South Africa is a very important world player and the visibility it will receive during the World Cup will help to open even wider doors.

How far do you think your team will advance?

Hopefully, to the final match!

Who according to you are the top 3 favourite teams to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?

Predictions are always dangerous as anything can happen. But I would venture to point out Brazil, Spain and England as favourites.

Who is your  favourite to win the “Golden Boot” award?

Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi.


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