Thoughts on the 2010 FIFA World Cup: H.E. Antonio Bullón, Consul General of Spain

What is your message to the football team and what are your views on South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup?

My message is play with all your might and possibilities, keeping in mind that, as a sport, attitude is almost as important as results. I am delighted that this time Africa and South Africa are hosting this huge world event. Football is the most important sport globally and unites all continents and all social strata. Football World Cups are second only to Olympic Games in reaching the whole humanity. I really hope that it will bring a new way of looking at Africa.

How far do you think your team will advance?

Spain is presently European Football Champion and has won most of her international matches in the last few years. As much as football is an unpredictable sport, Spain can rightly pretend to be one of the favourite teams to win the World Cup.

Who according to you are the top 3 favourite teams to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa?

Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

Who is your  favourite to win the “Golden Boot” award?

Lionel Messi is one of the best football players at present and has the best chance of winning the Golden Boot award.


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