The Namaste South Africa ‘African Animals Quiz’!

Do you really know Africa’s animals well? And if you don’t know them – what’s Google for! Do what you will, but if you answer the following fascinating questions about Africa’s animals correctly, we’ll send you a free copy of “Opportunities Today” – an interesting travel magazine.

Here’s the quiz:


1 This animal looks like a standing deer, right? The animal stands so tall when up on its 2 feet, that it’s name stems from the Somali word for “giraffe-necked”.  An interesting phenomenon about this animal is that its young ones leave the parents’ home when they are one year old and form a bachelor’s herd with their other one year old “friends.”

It is mainly found in Kenya.

Well, can you tell us which animal this is?


2 Both of these animals look almost the same, don’t they. And both are found in the jungles and nature reserves of South and East Africa.  One of them climb trees and one of them can’t. And one of them is the fastest land animal on earth reaching speeds of 75 mph at times. Well, which is what?

wildebeest migration

3 The Wildebeest is found in large numbers in Kenya and Tanzania.  Over 1.5 million wildebeest live in this area. Wildebeest are one of the fastest land animals on earth clocking speeds of 80 kmh.

But in the picture, you see so many of these creatures gathered together. What’s the big event for which all of them have congregated? The event is one of the 10 natural travel wonders of the world.

asian and african elephant

4 You know what these animals are. They are elephants of course! But one of them is the Asian elephant and the other is the African elephant. Can you tell which is which?

5 This interesting animal, found in Masai Mara national park weighs 15 times a full grown lion! It’s average lifespan is 35 years, about 3 times that of a male lion. This mammoth animal has a dangerous fact associated with it: it causes more human deaths in a year than buffaloes, elephants or rhinos.

What are we talking about? :) Here’s a picture of this animal.



If you know the answers to any of these questions, mail them to . If you get even 4 out of these 5 correct, we’ll send you our special travel magazine FREE of cost!

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See you soon!

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